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Scarborough Survivors - Mental Health Resource Centre


We have two counsellors who are able to provide professional free 1-to-1 counselling.

After an initial assessment, six structured sessions will be offered - but this can be extended if necessary to achieve outcomes.  The sessions will be very much solution-focussed.  The counsellor will provide the space to talk things through and help to empower the client to make the necessary changes to address the issues identified.

The counselling will link in with other support provided by Scarborough Survivors, including group workshops, self-help and social contact so at no time will the client be left unsupported.

We will be able to accommodate a maximum of eight people at any one time so please be aware that you may need to wait an indeterminate period of time after enquiring before you are invited for an assessment.

Please call in or get in touch if you would like to be considered for counselling.



    Page Updated: 8/30/2018
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