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Scarborough Survivors - Mental Health Resource Centre




The SAFE Project

Surviving Adults Feeling Empowered

The SAFE Project’s person-centred holistic services provide a range of helping interventions including training, information and signposting, counselling, self-help groups, advocacy and representation to support individuals, both survivors and front line staff, with a range of complicated and inter-related issues and problems associated with Childhood Sexual Abuse.

"Dealing with sexual abuse is not about wiping out the past. You can never do that. Neither is it about blocking off the past by burying your feelings or building a wall to keep the memories away. It is about dealing with the way the abuse has affected your life and the way you feel about yourself. You will never be able to forget about the abuse but you will be able to release your feelings of guilt and reclaim your self-respect.”
(Ainscough & Toon, 1998)


Working with Adult Survivors
Disclosing Childhood Sexual Abuse

Training informs front line staff from public, health and third sectors about the SAFE Project; provides them with information about the extent, range and impact of sexual abuse; helps staff feel more confident in dealing safely and professionally with disclosure from adult survivors; identifies options and availability for further support that will enable survivors to make positive changes to their lives; and provides ample opportunity to address concerns and ask questions.


Counselling allows people the opportunity to explore their thoughts and feelings and the effect these may have on behaviour and mood. Understanding where negative feelings and patterns might originate can help people make positive changes, take greater control in their lives, and improve confidence and general well-being.


Self-help groups provide a setting for people who share a similar experiences, to come together to offer practical and emotional support in a reciprocal and mutually beneficial manner; to take steps to approach old problems in a new way; release feelings of guilt and shame; and start to find ways to reclaim self-respect . The groups provide an environment in which individuals can address how abuse has affected their life and how they feel about themselves.

Talking about what happened can feel exposing and frightening but feeling accepted by others who know what it feels like can reduce the sense of isolation and shame.

Surviving Adults Feeling Empowered

The SAFE Project offers:

Training: Professional training for front line staff who are likely to encounter Adult Survivors disclosing Childhood Sexual Abuse

Counselling: Confidential one:one sessions with an experienced counsellor available to Adult Survivors

Self-Help Groups: Facilitated female, male and mixed groups for survivors and their families

Advocacy: Support for Survivors who want to take action against a perpetrator or obtain services and need someone to take their side

Representation: Represent the interests of Adult Survivors at different fora

Scarborough Survivors’ SAFE Project supports adult survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse across the Scarborough Borough and Ryedale Districts of North Yorkshire to feel empowered.

We cannot change the past but we can support individuals who want to “get on with” living as full and rewarding a life in the here and now as they are able, based on realistic problem solving and a recognition that we can all choose to change the way we view ourselves and live our lives. 

For more information on the SAFE project please call 01723 506582 or email: andrea@scarboroughsurvivors.org.uk

    Page Updated: 6/18/2013
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