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Scarborough Survivors - Mental Health Resource Centre


Scarborough Survivors has been running In-Depth Life Skill Courses since August 2014.

The programme contains some of the following: Listening Skills, Getting out of bed in the morning, Feeling good about yourself, Developing a positive mental attitude, Creating balance in your life, Creating and maintaining order in your life, Getting on with people, Asking for what you want and saying 'No', Fitting it all in, Go for It!

Everyone attending a session receives a certificate and a certificate of achievement for attending all the sessions.

CHIME Workshops

Connectedness - A sense of belonging, being part of the world, having supportive relationships.

Hope - Having a sense that things will get better, that life is worth living.

Identity - Beyond a diagnosis or symptoms, key strengths, interests, skills

Meaning - Having a purpose, what gets us out of bed on a morning, recognising that even the smallest tasks have a meaning

Empowerment - Gaining control over what happens to us (wherever possible), having knowledge and information which allows us to make informed choices.


Please contact Andrea for further information on 01723 500222

    Page Updated: 9/8/2018
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